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The Weakest Link

Weird, huh? Puppets on the Weakest Link. This is one of my favorite game shows! Anne’s head mistress character is hilarious. However, I love the dynamic of this game. You could have the greatest recall of trivial knowledge and still lose! The key to winning the game is to consistently. clearly not be… the weakest link.

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Kermit-ing Kermit The Frog

Some of you don’t remember when Miss Piggy used to be all over Kermit the Frog, but was getting no love…

Then, she became a model (the only Muppet with a real job by the way), got her hair done, started rocking designer labels, and guess what?

Here comes Kermit in every other Muppet movie talking about how he loves Miss Piggy. Smh.


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