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My Top 5 Biggest Internet Feels

5. “Genie, You’re Free”

Robin William’s passing was tragic. He was always a symbol of smiles and happiness for me, and for him to die in the way that he did made his passing that much sadder. There are many views on suicide, but it’s undeniable that, for someone to even contemplate ending their own life, they must be in great pain. “Ending it all” refers to ending that pain. That’s why the Academy Award’s tweet hit me so hard. It was simple, beautiful, and very fitting for the man who voiced Aladdin‘s Genie : “Genie, you’re free.”

4. Soldiers Surprising Their Loved Ones

When a friend of mine (whose married to a military man, another friend of mine) posted this video on Facebook, I was crying within the first 30 seconds! The children seeing their parents after several months of them being overseas and crying tears of joy? I can’t handle it! Even more than the children, though, the parents faces when their children walk in has me balling. I can only imagine how worried they are about their sons and daughters all the time. Their relief to see them safe and sound in-person is not lost on me.

3. In Daddy’s Arms

Whether you like anime or not, if you like to feel, Clannad and Clannad After Story are awesome series to watch. It’s a coming-of-age series revolving around a boy named Tomoya and his high school friends. Tomoya does not have an easy life, but there is a lot of magic in the world… Keep a box of tissues with you if you want to watch this anime.

Of the numerous times I cried watching these, the biggest cry came from a scene in Clannad After Story. In the wake of a tragedy, Tomoya left his daughter Ushio to be raised by her grandparents (on her mother’s side) while he buried himself in work. On this first trip with his daughter, he bought her a toy robot which she accidentally drops in a very grassy field and becomes determined to find. Then, you begin sobbing.

2. It’s him! It’s Zero!

(Spoiler Alert!) Code Geass is another anime that has a lot of intense emotional moments. It’s an epic story about a royal rebel named Lelouch on a quest to make a better world for his little sister, Nunnally.

To avoid spoiling the entire series, all I’m going to write about this is: the love between a brother and sister, best friends, and a nation are powerful. When anger and hate are concentrated into one being then destroyed, all there is left is to rebuild with love. And when an elaborate plan comes together, the feels hit you hard.

1. Lifehouse – Everything Skit

The joy that comes over my heart as a Christian knowing that an all-powerful God is watching over me, loving me, and never giving up on me is overwhelming. I’ve certainly felt like I’ve lost my way before, but I’ve never felt too far gone… because I could never be. This video touched my heart, and I cry every time I watch it.

“How can I stand here with you, and not be moved by you?”

Crying is cathartic; it helps relieve stress. We all need to cry every once in a while. Now that I’ve cried a river larger than the Mississippi, what are your favorite Internet feels?

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