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Ice Bucket Challenge Fails

Every now and then, a trend goes around that makes you proud of the Internet. Lately, everyone from A-List celebrities to Average Joe’s have been recording themselves pouring buckets of ice water over their heads in support of ALS (or Lou Gehrig’s disease) research.

I believe the original thought was to either donate to als.org OR pour ice water over your heads (then challenge a friend to do the same), but it became more fun to do both! Many have joined in on this, and made this an exceptional social media campaign to say the least, but not everyone is an expert…


And I think Lady Gaga’s successful attempt was really a fail, too.

Way to go! #ALS #IceBucketChallenge

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Burn Down Your House Barbie

I was at work the other day shopping online for Barbies – in other words, bored – and my co-worker and I got into a discussion about Barbie’s many gimmicks over the years. A few Barbies I’ve owned were Pilot Barbie, Pop star Barbie (with the Think Pink cassette tape), and Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie. Mattel apparently got really creative in the mid-1990s…

This was likely one of the first Barbies I ever had. I can’t even remember when I got her. Possibly a hand-me-down.

My coworker, only slightly older than me, brought up a Barbie doll that I’d nearly forgotten. In 1993, Mattel released a rollerblading Barbie doll.

I guess rollerblades alone weren’t interesting enough because these Barbie rollerblades sparked fire when they rolled! What group of toy-making executives approved giving dressed up lighters to children? I wonder how many home caught on fire because Barbie was skating on a flammable surface.

You can buy a Hot Skatin’ Barbie for about $20 on eBay right now.

There is this awesome series on YouTube called EPIC Fail Toys that examines toys that were, well.. not thought through properly. If you’re ever bored and online, these are some interesting videos to watch.

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