Comic History 101

IGN has compiled a host of videos explaining the origin & stories of many beloved – yet not-so-well-known – comic book characters. This is a great way for comic book novices (such as myself) to learn more about them. Check it out!

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A sci-fi film with its eyes on reality: Watch the deleted scene from “I Origins” that features a TEDx Talk

I love #TedTalks! They’re a great way to spend an afternoon. Learn something!

TED Blog

Molecular biologist Ian (aka Michael Pitt) stares at a billboard of a pair of green eyes in Mike Cahill's film "I Origins." Photo: Fox Searchlight Molecular biologist Ian (played by Michael Pitt) stares at a billboard of a pair of green eyes in Mike Cahill’s “I Origins.” The film explores iris recognition technology, and a TEDx talk helped Cahill do research. Photo: Fox Searchlight

Mike Cahill’s new film I Origins is technically science fiction. But the technology in it is firmly rooted in reality.

A mind-twister of the highest order, I Origins tells the story of a molecular biologist, Ian (played by Michael Pitt), who studies the iris of the eye, a part that is unique for every individual. His lab partner makes a startling discovery—that a young girl in India has the exact same iris pattern as someone Ian loved deeply. It’s a statistical impossibility that leads him to wonder: Could this be reincarnation?

Cahill got the first tingle of the idea for this film after hearing the story of National Geographic’s “Afghan…

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‘Mortal Kombat X’ Roster Receives Raiden

I’m super excited about Mortal Kombat X! It was one of my favorite moments of E3. Good to see Raiden is in it!

Being A Geek

There is nothing more fun than having an obscure obsession about something, then finding someone else who likes it too! It’s what I believe finding your soulmate feels like.

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Anime Expo 2014 Cosplay!

 My favorite (in this video) was Dragonball Bulma & Pink Shirt Vegeta. (So cute!) But check out YouTube for even more cosplay from AX 2014!

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Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan

lupin vs conan

Both these characters bring back fond memories of late-night Cartoon Network.  This was just before Adult Swim became stranger as the night went on…

Cased Closed gave me chills! This anime is about a brilliant teenage detective named Jimmy Kudo who is poisoned by a mysterious criminal organization and becomes a little kid. Under the pseudonym Conan Edogawa, he lives with his girlfriend Rachel and her father Richard Moore. Richard is also a popular (yet far-less talented) detective, but neither he nor his daughter realize Conan is Jimmy. Using Richard as a puppet, Conan solves complicated crimes – often involving murder.

The murderous scenes and serious mood of Cased Closed are contrasted by the lightheartedness of Lupin the 3rd. Arsène Lupin III is the grandson of the great Arsène Lupin, master thief and rival of Sherlock Holmes. He and his skilled friends (and the deceitful love of his life) travel the globe stealing rare items and large amounts of cash… and driving Interpol Inspector Zenigata crazy.

To see these two in a battle of wits would be amazing! While Lupin is more cunning, he tends to have terrible luck and is often duped by beautiful women.  (Also, the fact that Lupin is a thief, thus, inherently the bad guy.) So I would guess Conan wins. However, this is something I’ve got to see!

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SEO & Frozen Bananas

One thing I’ve learned from Pokemon, if you’re going to be something, be the very best (that no one ever was). I aspire to become a social media marketing guru. Part of my journey is learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I’m taking a fantastic Skillshare course taught by Josh Cavin, founder of a web design & online marketing company Dreaming Blue. The course simply asks you to create a free website on Weebly, and optimize it. Hands-on learning!

At first, I wanted to optimize the personal website I had been working on. Then, I thought…

It would be way more fun to create a website for a fictional business! But which one?

I took a cool Buzzfeed Quiz to decide which fictional company I should work for, and was “hired” as the new web designer/search engine optimizer for… *drum roll please*

Bluth Frozen Banana Stand

The Bluth Original Frozen Banana Stand!

It’s no Global Dynamics or Clampet Oil, but, since “there’s always money in the banana stand”, at least I have job security.

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The Contempt of Comic Sans

What do you think? Do you like Comic Sans?

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