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Press Start To Get Engaged


I love geeky proposals! The dinner engagement and the jumptron “Will you marry me” are both entirely overdone. It’s lovely to see a guy – or, in this case, a girl – get creative and incorporate something special into his delivery. You never know; if he wasn’t certain before, Mario & Princess Peach might have pushed him over the edge.

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Batman vs. Superman: Wonder Woman Under Fire

Superhero fans have been upset about this movie since (at least) Ben Affleck was cast as Batman. I have my reservations about Affleck, but he’s looking pretty good so far…

The first footage of Batman vs. Super: Dawn of Justice debuted at Comic-con this week to mixed reviews. Surprisingly, the hero that most concerns me is Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot is a beautiful actress, and I’m sure she’ll play a great Wonder Woman, but look at the costume design:

She looks amazing, and her costume looks familiar… but that familiarity isn’t Wonder Woman…

Which one do you think she looks most like?

The right one, right? When did Xena, Warrior Princess¬†join the DC Universe? I’m beginning to think this film is one big attempt to troll the geek community. It’s like a train crash, though; I can’t help but want to know more about it.

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He Ain’t Gone Do It, Ash

Adorable piece of geek swag! Pokemon meets Vine


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Comic History 101

IGN has compiled a host of videos explaining the origin & stories of many beloved – yet not-so-well-known – comic book characters. This is a great way for comic book novices (such as myself) to learn more about them. Check it out!

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Being A Geek

There is nothing more fun than having an obscure obsession about something, then finding someone else who likes it too! It’s what I believe finding your soulmate feels like.

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