A Powerpuff Girls Reboot

Let me just say up front, this post is not going to be about the awful Powerpuff Girls reboot that Cartoon Network recently produced. I’ve had a much more fun watching its scathing reviews than I’ve even attempted watching the actual show.

I was a huge Powerpuff Girls fan when I was a kid! So, I want nothing to do with the pandering memes, twerking characters, and poor animation of this new reboot. However, it did make me think of what I would like to see as a Powerpuff Girls reboot. These are my thoughts…

The original show ran from 1998-2005. This was the childhood of Gen-Y. Reboot it for its original audience, not Gen-Z. Feed our nostalgia, but keep our age in mind. What happens to Cartoon Network kids when they grow up? Adult Swim.

power_puffs__all_grown_up_by_souracid-d76xz9c power_puffs___v2_by_souracid-d9bjthp

Fan art by Karl Liversidge

A gritty reboot of The Powerpuff girls would be awesome! Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are sexy, adult badasses who – when they aren’t kicking ass at their individual hobbies – save the day. Staying as true to the source material as possible, reimagine The Powerpuff Girls for a more mature audience.

The opening would be a dubstep remix of the original. The narrator would have a cooler, grunge tone. The animation style would be very dark, but artistic – think Black Dynamite meets Samurai Jack.

  • Blossom: The HBIC; runs some business or club with an iron fist
  • Bubbles: Cute, seductive voice; the most gentle yet the most ruthless if you get her angry enough
  • Buttercup: Daredevil; doesn’t talk much; most badass on a regular basis

The Professor (in more of a Charlie of Charlie’s Angels role than a father), The Mayor, and Miss Bellum should be featured. No Miss Keane – they’re not in preschool anymore.

Twisted versions of Mojo Jojo, Him, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and other villains should make an appearance, too, as old episodes are revamped with a TV-MA rating. For example:

The episode “Buttercrush”, where Buttercup has a crush on Ace from the Gang Green Gang, would be so cool if The Gang Green Gang was a badass motorcycle gang that Buttercup secretly joined. When she realizes she’s being used and her sisters are in danger, Buttercup beats the living crap out of Ace in a cool anime-style fight.

The late time-slot allows for more graphic violence, profanity, smoking, and more overtly sexual themes (e.g. Sedusa), and keeping the stories and characters relatively similar feeds that nostalgia and reminds you that this is still The Powerpuff Girls. That’s what makes a good reboot.


My Top 5 Biggest Internet Feels

5. “Genie, You’re Free”

Robin William’s passing was tragic. He was always a symbol of smiles and happiness for me, and for him to die in the way that he did made his passing that much sadder. There are many views on suicide, but it’s undeniable that, for someone to even contemplate ending their own life, they must be in great pain. “Ending it all” refers to ending that pain. That’s why the Academy Award’s tweet hit me so hard. It was simple, beautiful, and very fitting for the man who voiced Aladdin‘s Genie : “Genie, you’re free.”

4. Soldiers Surprising Their Loved Ones

When a friend of mine (whose married to a military man, another friend of mine) posted this video on Facebook, I was crying within the first 30 seconds! The children seeing their parents after several months of them being overseas and crying tears of joy? I can’t handle it! Even more than the children, though, the parents faces when their children walk in has me balling. I can only imagine how worried they are about their sons and daughters all the time. Their relief to see them safe and sound in-person is not lost on me.

3. In Daddy’s Arms

Whether you like anime or not, if you like to feel, Clannad and Clannad After Story are awesome series to watch. It’s a coming-of-age series revolving around a boy named Tomoya and his high school friends. Tomoya does not have an easy life, but there is a lot of magic in the world… Keep a box of tissues with you if you want to watch this anime.

Of the numerous times I cried watching these, the biggest cry came from a scene in Clannad After Story. In the wake of a tragedy, Tomoya left his daughter Ushio to be raised by her grandparents (on her mother’s side) while he buried himself in work. On this first trip with his daughter, he bought her a toy robot which she accidentally drops in a very grassy field and becomes determined to find. Then, you begin sobbing.

2. It’s him! It’s Zero!

(Spoiler Alert!) Code Geass is another anime that has a lot of intense emotional moments. It’s an epic story about a royal rebel named Lelouch on a quest to make a better world for his little sister, Nunnally.

To avoid spoiling the entire series, all I’m going to write about this is: the love between a brother and sister, best friends, and a nation are powerful. When anger and hate are concentrated into one being then destroyed, all there is left is to rebuild with love. And when an elaborate plan comes together, the feels hit you hard.

1. Lifehouse – Everything Skit

The joy that comes over my heart as a Christian knowing that an all-powerful God is watching over me, loving me, and never giving up on me is overwhelming. I’ve certainly felt like I’ve lost my way before, but I’ve never felt too far gone… because I could never be. This video touched my heart, and I cry every time I watch it.

“How can I stand here with you, and not be moved by you?”

Crying is cathartic; it helps relieve stress. We all need to cry every once in a while. Now that I’ve cried a river larger than the Mississippi, what are your favorite Internet feels?

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Favorite Couples: Lucy & Schroeder (Peanuts)

The lopsided relationship of Lucy and Schroeder is my favorite of the Peanuts cartoons. Although, Schroeder does everything possible to tell her different, I believe there is a lot of love there. If not, there’s a huge amount of love coming from Lucy. The two are hilarious. Of all the Peanuts “couples”, I hope these two one day did marry.







































































































































































































































































































































































Why The #IceBucketChallenge Has Worked So Well

The Ice Bucket Challenge will go down in history as the summer craze of 2014. For those (somehow) unfamiliar with The Ice Bucket Challenge, it’s simple: Donate a small amount of money to als.org (a charitable foundation researching a cure for ALS, also known as “Lou Gehrig’s disease”) or dump a bucket of ice water over your head within 24 hours of being challenged. If you do not meet the time constraint, you must donate a larger amount.

Everyone from everyday friends to A-list celebrities have been participating in this generous challenge raising over $50 Million for ALS research… and lots of videos of people dumping cold water over their heads.

Why has this social media campaign for ALS research become so successful? There are some three key elements to the execution of this that I believe make the difference! 


It’s worth noting that The Ice Bucket Challenge has evolved from its origin.

Initially, The Ice Bucket Challenge had nothing to do with ALS. It started as a challenge to donate to a charitable organization of the participants’ choosing. Along the way, someone chose als.org, and trend began. It is now often referred to as “The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”. This focus made it easier for participants as it alleviated the extra step of choosing a charity to donate to. (Moreover, als.org is a simple url to remember.)

It’s Personal

These challenges typically end with participants nominating three or more people to participate also. Instead of a blanket challenge to all of Facebook or a cluster of associates, these are personal challenges made to specific people – usually family, friends, and colleagues. Those challenged feel honored to have been nominated and know someone will be waiting for them to complete it.

You Have 24 Hours

Many of these videos end with “You have 24 hours!” to those nominated to do the challenge next. This ticking clock adds a sense of urgency. Without the 24 hour time frame, The Ice Bucket Challenge is just another thing to do on everyone’s summer to-do list.


Of course, the generosity, celebrity, and bandwagon factors play a big role in the  popularity of The Ice Bucket Challenge. However, those are the three key factors that I believe have pushed it over the edge. This challenge is also safe (unlike the ridiculous fire challenge that was going around Facebook previously…), exhilarating, and customizable. My favorite has to be Sir. Patrick Stewart’s, demonstrating he knows how to follow directions!


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Ice Bucket Challenge Fails

Every now and then, a trend goes around that makes you proud of the Internet. Lately, everyone from A-List celebrities to Average Joe’s have been recording themselves pouring buckets of ice water over their heads in support of ALS (or Lou Gehrig’s disease) research.

I believe the original thought was to either donate to als.org OR pour ice water over your heads (then challenge a friend to do the same), but it became more fun to do both! Many have joined in on this, and made this an exceptional social media campaign to say the least, but not everyone is an expert…


And I think Lady Gaga’s successful attempt was really a fail, too.

Way to go! #ALS #IceBucketChallenge

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Press Start To Get Engaged


I love geeky proposals! The dinner engagement and the jumptron “Will you marry me” are both entirely overdone. It’s lovely to see a guy – or, in this case, a girl – get creative and incorporate something special into his delivery. You never know; if he wasn’t certain before, Mario & Princess Peach might have pushed him over the edge.

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Batman vs. Superman: Wonder Woman Under Fire

Superhero fans have been upset about this movie since (at least) Ben Affleck was cast as Batman. I have my reservations about Affleck, but he’s looking pretty good so far…

The first footage of Batman vs. Super: Dawn of Justice debuted at Comic-con this week to mixed reviews. Surprisingly, the hero that most concerns me is Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot is a beautiful actress, and I’m sure she’ll play a great Wonder Woman, but look at the costume design:

She looks amazing, and her costume looks familiar… but that familiarity isn’t Wonder Woman…

Which one do you think she looks most like?

The right one, right? When did Xena, Warrior Princess join the DC Universe? I’m beginning to think this film is one big attempt to troll the geek community. It’s like a train crash, though; I can’t help but want to know more about it.

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The Weakest Link

Weird, huh? Puppets on the Weakest Link. This is one of my favorite game shows! Anne’s head mistress character is hilarious. However, I love the dynamic of this game. You could have the greatest recall of trivial knowledge and still lose! The key to winning the game is to consistently. clearly not be… the weakest link.

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He Ain’t Gone Do It, Ash

Adorable piece of geek swag! Pokemon meets Vine


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Burn Down Your House Barbie

I was at work the other day shopping online for Barbies – in other words, bored – and my co-worker and I got into a discussion about Barbie’s many gimmicks over the years. A few Barbies I’ve owned were Pilot Barbie, Pop star Barbie (with the Think Pink cassette tape), and Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie. Mattel apparently got really creative in the mid-1990s…

This was likely one of the first Barbies I ever had. I can’t even remember when I got her. Possibly a hand-me-down.

My coworker, only slightly older than me, brought up a Barbie doll that I’d nearly forgotten. In 1993, Mattel released a rollerblading Barbie doll.

I guess rollerblades alone weren’t interesting enough because these Barbie rollerblades sparked fire when they rolled! What group of toy-making executives approved giving dressed up lighters to children? I wonder how many home caught on fire because Barbie was skating on a flammable surface.

You can buy a Hot Skatin’ Barbie for about $20 on eBay right now.

There is this awesome series on YouTube called EPIC Fail Toys that examines toys that were, well.. not thought through properly. If you’re ever bored and online, these are some interesting videos to watch.

Check out more Very Geeky Girl stuff on Facebook! Thanks for reading!!!

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